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China Transfer Station

posted Dec 30, 2020, 4:36 AM by Town Office

From the China Town Office;

Our transfer station staff is having a hard time getting compliance from some of your residents with blue bag use. Today, a resident came in and threw 2 blue bags and 2 black bags and drove off before we could catch up with the user. This has been happening on numerous occasions over the last few months or so. Do you have a newsletter or a way to remind your residents that they MUST you the blue bags only? The transfer station staff will soon be conducting spot checks over several days/weeks and will be turning Palermo residents away that do not have the correct bag. Before the staff starts this, they want to remind users one more time of the requirement.

 One more request is to have the color side on the RFID tags facing toward the staff (or away from the inside of the vehicle). This will help us to provide better service to your residents.  

Thanks for any help you can provide.