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Burning permits

Before you burn it, get a permit!

All outdoor fires regardless of size require a written or electronic burning permit, to be carried on the attending person. 
Fires for cooking, warming, burning brush, grass, or debris fall into this category.
Permits are issued free of charge by the Town Fire Warden or Deputy Warden. 

For information on burning or to obtain a burning permit please call:

Dean Willoughby (Fire Permits)    
Anne Willoughby (Fire Permits)
1815 North Palermo Rd

Burning is permitted at the following times with a written permit (dependent on wind conditions):

After 5:00 p.m. unless it is raining or there is snow covered ground. 

All burning permits are issued the day of the burn and are dependent upon the wind and weather conditions, time of day, length of burn, materials being burned, the number of fire permits issued for that day, and the number of personnel available in town. 

You may also apply for a burn permit online for $7.00 by clicking here.