Office Closed on Election Day, 11/2 10/22/21

Please note that the Town Office will be closed to regular business on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd, as all Clerks will be engaged in electoral duties. The polls will be open from 8am to 8pm, and you can visit our Meetings & Elections subpage for more information about the referenda on this year's ballot. As a reminder, Palermo's 2021 Tax Commitments are due 10/31 - if you'd like to pay in person, your last chance to do so will be Friday, October 29.

2022 Dog Licensing Now Available 10/15/21

We've received our shipment of tags from the State and can officially offer 2022 licenses, with proof of a rabies vaccination. Give us a call at 993-2296 with any questions - You can pay for the tags in person at the office, send us a check by mail, or register online and provide necessary documents to the State through their secure portal. Find out more info about Dog Licensing & Rabies Awareness on our site!

Early and Absentee Voting Starts October 1st! 9/30/21

Do you absolutely love exercising your constitutional right to vote? Then we are here to help! Absentee Ballots are available and Early Voting will begin starting Friday, October 1st, during regular office hours. Please contact Town Clerk Kathy Neenan at 993-2296 for more information.

You can read up on what initiatives are on the ballot for Tuesday, November 2nd, on our Meetings & Elections page!

Stay Vigilant for Rabies 9/21/21

A likely case of rabies was reported today, which, if confirmed, would be our second in two months. Rabies is a virus which affects the brain and spinal cord resulting in dangerous and unpredictable behavior, particularly in wild animals.

At this time, it is recommend you take extra precautions: keep dogs on a closer leash; fasten trashcan lids tightly and do not leave pet food outside; and especially avoid contact with wild or unfamiliar animals. All dogs registered in Maine are required to have current rabies vaccinations to protect themselves and their owners, and it is important to keep vaccinations updated in farm or other domesticated animals.

Additional factsheets and information from the Maine CDC are now accessible on the "Events & Etc." subpage. Do not approach a wild animal behaving oddly. If you find an animal you suspect was rabid please contact Palermo's Animal Control Officers, the State Police / Game Warden, and Maine CDC, Division of Disease Surveillance at 1-800- 821-5821.

Palermo September Newsletter Update 9/10/21

Hope you've all received your September Newsletter from the Select Board, it's filled with a lot of important and useful information! However, the Waldo County Triad notice is out of date & needs to be amended. You can find their current brochure at this link, or by visiting the "Newsletters" subpage under "Town Administration."

Sheepscot Pond Boat Landing Project 9/8/21

The Sheepscot Pond Boat Landing and Ramp Project will begin no later than Wednesday, 9/15, according to the State's Project Manager. All boat owners are advised to remove their boats from the Pond by Sunday, 9/12 to ensure a safe exit.

All progress is weather-dependent. We will be in contact with the Project Manager once work commences.

2021 Tax Commitments 9/2/21

Palermo's Select Board approved the 2021 mil rate of 13.8 at the Board meeting on 8/26 and tax bills were sent out Wednesday, September 1st. The due date this year is October 31st. The "Taxes" subpage will be updated shortly with the 2021 Bills; until then, the Office is happy to give you your commitment total over the phone or in person.

There is no penalty for early payments!

Whoa, new website! 8/31/21

Big thanks to our Deputy Clerk Will Armstrong and Palermo resident Chris Diesch for their work - the new Town of Palermo website is still very much in progress but we're so excited to share it with you all!

We've added a *lot* of information to make your lives easier - check out the Town Documents section to download a Plumbing Permit or the Town Administration "Taxes" subpage for a Homestead Exemption, re-register your automobile from the BMV's Rapid Renewal portal on our Services "BMV Registrations" subpage or your boat from the IFW Licenses "Boat Registrations" subpage, and definitely check out all of Palermo's many community organizations on the brand new Community page!

If you see something that doesn't make sense or isn't working right, let us know! Check back as we work out all the kinks and get as much helpful information into your hands as we can.