2023 Palermo Town Election & Meeting

The Town Election will be held Friday, March 10th, from 3 to 7pm at the Palermo Town Office at 45 N Palermo Rd. 

The candidates are as follows: 

Assessor: Dennis Keller

Road Commissioner: Stephen Childs

Select Board: Ilene McKenney

General Assistance Administrator: Write In

RSU 12: Write In

The Town Meeting will be held Saturday, March 11, starting at 9am at the Palermo Consolidated School, 501 Rte 3.

Palermo Days on August 13!

Planning for Palermo Days has already begun, and we can't wait to see what the committee comes up with after a two year gap! It's been confirmed that a regiment of Civil War reenactors will be camping out on the Worthing House lawn for the weekend, portraying Company B of the legendary Maine 20th Regiment Volunteers, most famous for helping defend the Union lines during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Members of the living history group will be cooking their food over a fire, camping in tents, and providing a small taste of life 160 years ago. Learn more about the bravery of the 20th Regiment Volunteers here, and check out Company B's page here! We'll see you at the next Planning Committee meeting!

Keep up with Palermo Days at their Facebook or our dedicated page!

2022 Town Election & Meeting Recap

We had a great Town Meeting on Saturday, thanks to all our residents and guests who attended! Moderator Dick Thompson presided over three hours of respectful questions and insightful dialogue as we practiced direct, participatory democracy. Townspeople approved 33 warrant articles (2 contingency articles were tabled), including the highly anticipated Liberty Ambulance contract, the return of Palermo Days and the 8th grade class trip, an allocation of $200,000 towards reducing the 2022 tax rate, and  comprehensive Road paving and maintenance budgets.

Select Chair Bob Kurek highlighted his work with the Southwestern Waldo County Broadband Committee, which works to improve and expand high-speed internet in our area, and noted that there were no foreclosures in Palermo this year.

Thank you to Liberty Chief Bill Gillespie and Deputy Chief Earle Albert for attending and answering questions about the ambulance service and some of the changes our residents can expect, foremost among them being faster response times and expanded in-town paramedic service.

Residents show their support for the Liberty Ambulance article during the 2022 Town Meeting. 

Photo by Deputy Clerk Will Armstrong

Results of the 2022 Palermo Town Election:

Assessor - Blake Brown (70 votes)

Road Commissioner - Steve Childs (67 votes)

Select Board - Pam Swift (70 votes)

General Assistance Administrator - Miriam Keller (75 votes)

How to Prepare for Town Meeting

Are you ready for the Town Election & Town Meeting? 

The Town Election is held at the Town Office on Friday, March 10th from 3 – 7pm and the Meeting is at the Palermo Consolidated School on Saturday, March 11, starting at 9am.

The Maine Municipal Association has published “A Citizen’s Guide to Town Meeting,” which can also be found on the Town website. The guide includes “Ten questions” about the Town Meeting process, such as:

What Happens at Town Meeting?

Why Should I Participate in Town Meeting?

Will it seem Silly if I Ask Questions? (this is a hard no, people)

and, How can I Prepare for Town Meeting?

One way to be prepared for the Town Meeting is to have picked up your copy of the 2022 Palermo Town Report! The warrant for the Town Meeting is on page 8, and it establishes the articles and order of balloting. The Report is available for residents at the Town Office (45 N Palermo Rd, 993-2296) or at the Palermo Community Library (2789 Rte 3, 993-6088). 

Digital copies of this year's and past Town Reports can be found at the “Town Documents” tab.

Citizen Guide 2022.pdf