Marriage Licenses

Want to get married in Maine? Congratulations!

  • If either of you are a resident of Maine, you must file in your town of residence.

  • If you are both from out-of-state, you may file in any town (but we recommend the town you are getting married in).

  • Once you have your license, you are free to marry anywhere in the state.

The Steps along the way...

  1. Both parties need to come into the Town Office with photo ID, and file Intentions of Marriage. The cost of filing is $40.

  2. Previous Marriages: If either party has been previously married, a certified copy of the death record or divorce decree must be presented to the clerk.

  3. Once the Marriage Intentions are filed, the clerk will issue a Marriage License, which will need to be signed in person, by the betrothed. The license is valid for 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.

  4. The Marriage License needs to be completed by an officiant, legally qualified to perform a marriage in Maine, and signed by two witnesses.

  5. The officiant is required to file the license within 7 working days of the ceremony, with the clerk where the license was issued.

  6. After the Marriage License is filed with the Town Clerk a certified copy(s) may be obtained at the Town Office, during normal business hours, for a fee of $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for any additional copies, done at that same time.

Intent to Marry.pdf